What We Do C & E Vietnam works to promote participation and to improve the capacity of local community groups and organisations for better solutions to environmental issues that are related to their life, contributing to the development of civil society and sustainable environment in Vietnam. Local participation is highlighted in the work of C & E, and C & E strongly believes that the youth is the future.
Location Hanoi, Vietnam
Members Since 2010
Audiences/Sector Youth/Community
Member Type
Member organisation
Our Mission C&E embraces the mission to support local communities, community-based organizations, and civil society organizations in formulation and implementation of locally sustainable initiatives to protect the environment, natural resources management, and promote sustainable development.

C&E envisions the future of Vietnam in which grassroots communities and organizations actively participate in solutions to environmental problems, sustainable use of natural resources, and maintenance of sustainable life of themselves.

Local participation – of local communities and government – is highlighted in C&E works. We believe that no one knows and solves local problems as good as the local stakeholders do.

Areas of Work Education for Sustainable Development, Youth Action on Sustainable Lifestyles, and Capacity Building for Community.
Case studies/Highlights At the moment, C&E is working on many projects related to Sustainable Development such as: “Education for Sustainable Development” , “Youth Action on Sustainable Lifestyles” and “Capacity Building for Community”.
Opportunities to Collaborate GAP International from 2011-2015 funded by Sida fund
Website http://ce-center.org.vn/en/
Contact [email protected]