What We DoGlobal Action Plan Ireland is a registered charity and a solution-oriented national environmental organisation that offers practical support to shape conscious sustainable behaviour. Our expertise is in the area of environmental training and professional training. This is fronted by a team of scientists, education specialists and expert facilitators. At a grassroots level, we create education programmes in the areas of energy conservation, water conservation and waste prevention. We consistently evaluate and measure the effectiveness of these programmes so that we can continue to evolve. GAP Ireland is an experienced actor in supporting schools, communities and businesses, to take practical action to live as sustainably as possible.
LocationDublin, Ireland
Member Since1995
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Our MissionTo support people in living more sustainable lifestyles by offering practical yet creative solutions that inspire people to act. Equally important, GAP programmes empower individuals to change their long-term consumption habits with sustainable living tools and programmes. The goal is to inspire and support everyone to take practical steps towards creating sustainable communities.
Areas of WorkWe believe that all of us can choose to make a difference for our environment with small changes to our behaviour. We strive to empower the communities we work with. This means working closely with groups, partners and educational institutions to develop initiatives, programmes and workshops that are tailored to their needs. We are solution-focused, equipping people of all ages and backgrounds with the knowledge needed to bring sustainable practices to their everyday lives.
Success StoriesAs a national organisation we provide workshops, programmes and events for primary and secondary schools, businesses, youth and community groups. We are leaders in delivering practical approaches to sustainable practices and in the area of developing schools and community based programmes focused on implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at grassroots level.

Our programmes have been externally evaluated to show that:
- 85% of adults reported a reduction in household utility use as a result of our Green Living Programme
- 83% of young people increased time spent improving their local community as a result of our schools-based biodiversity competition
- 67% of young people reported an increase in eating new fruits and vegetables as a result of our Youth Gardening Programme
- 100% of teachers reported an improvement in class cohesion as a result of our Park Stewardship Programme
- 100% of adults with employment difficulties experienced increased sense of employability readiness as a result of our sustainability initiatives at our sustainability centre
Collaboration OopportunitiesGlobal Action Plan Ireland partners with a wide range of collaborators including public bodies, government agencies, local authorities and corporations. We also work closely with our international partners to co-create innovative and exciting sustainability programmes that help shape individual sustainable behaviour change so that communities benefit collectively.
Project HighlightsWater Explorer: A fun, interactive online educational resource engaging 8- to 15-year-olds across 18 different countries to learn about water issues and develop the confidence to act on them.

Primary Schools: Deliver a broad range of environmental sustainability programmes and workshops in schools by our team of scientists and expert facilitators. Strong links are made to the national curriculum with specific, practical actions each student, teacher and school can easily implement to make a significant environmental impact. All of our youth and schools workshops, programmes and events are structured with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and national curriculum as a framework. This ensures that all of our resources act as a conduit for individual action and collective impact. As a result, participants leave with the skill set and confidence to create meaningful impact in their communities. In 2017, we completed 379 workshops throughout Ireland. We partnered with 22 organisations to reach 9,731 students in 145 schools.

Action on Global Citizenship: Global interconnectivity has quickly become one of the most important topics for the international community. GAP offers three different initiatives around the area of global citizenship: an interactive teacher toolkit, a free one-day teacher training with interactive and creative learning activities, and a fully funded, action-based Global Citizenship year-long programme for partnering schools.

Action on Global Goals: A new initiative by GAP Ireland which explores the environmentally-themed goals of the SDGs in a small group setting, aimed at collaboratively identifying actions and strategies that will support implementation of the Global Goals at a local community level. Our aim is to catalyse action at a local level in communities and create local community ownership of the SDGs to ensure that implementation is done in ways that are sensitive and meaningful to local communities. The purpose is to help people visualise how collective local action can lead to a global impact.

Community Environmental Programme: Since 2000, GAP Ireland has managed an environmental programme for the community of Ballymun, Dublin as part of Europe’s largest regeneration project. Today GAP Ireland is still actively involved in the Ballymun community, with ongoing community gardening and sustainability training at the Glas centre and environmental education initiatives in place.
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