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What We Do Mikado is a social enterprise committed to serve sustainable development and to yield social impact through crafting innovative models and solutions. Mikado is a catalyst, strengthening organisations’ capacities and mobilizing their resources efficiently so that they can fulfil their responsibilities and contribute to sustainable development. Mikado provides consulting support for companies to create and implement sustainability strategies, and inclusive business models to contribute to the formation of a responsible private sector. By mobilising resources and developing collaborations, Mikado maximises social effectiveness and creates multidimensional social benefit and social transformation.
Location Istanbul, Turkey
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Our Mission Mikado believes in and strives to create partnerships among the private sector, civil society, academic, public and international organisations, for multi-dimensional development.
Areas of Work Mikado bases its work on social innovation and sustainability, in every application developed. Working zones include; responsible private sector (CSR, sustainability solutions), sustainable and transparent civil society (help strengthen an NGO’s capacity for this), social innovation and change (development of social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey).
Opportunities to collaborate Mikado crafts social innovative projects in collaboration with private sector, academic institutions and NGOs. To do this, Mikado supports private sector companies to form and implement their sustainability and inclusive business strategies, develops and implements capacity building, and social impact maximisation projects with NGOs. Through this innovative approach, Mikado aims to create a transparent civil society by democratization and active citizenship.
Case studies/Highlights Mikado carries out various projects and trainings with many NGOs in the fields of democratisation and active citizenship, and the improvement of the capacities of NGOs and the increase of social effects.
Social impact measurement of Borusan Holding’s ‘My Mom’s Job is My Future’ Project. Mikado conducted the social impact measurement of this between July-September 2017, to increase the organisational efficiency of the project and to maximise its social impact. Borusan Holding has been running the project since 2013 in collaboration with the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, aiming to increase the employment rate of women in industry and foster the empowerment of women. The collaboration between Mikado and Borusan involves site visits to local governments, local NGOs, “Borusan Joy Factories”, and OIZs within these 4 cities to determine the impact of the project on its main stakeholders.
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