GAP International members collaborate on a number of international programmes, helping people live more sustainable lives all over the world. See below for a brief description on a selection of these projects, and click the title of each project for more information.

Our international projects include:

Water Explorer: An international water education and action programme for children aged 8-14 years. Delivered in 12 countries, thousands of Water Explorer schools are taking bold and powerful action to save our precious water through fun, interactive water-saving missions.

Goals for Good: Helping young people identify and set personal goals that are good for them and the wider world. Goals for Good brings together research on motivation, goal-setting, purpose and well-being to support young people in defining what success means for them, setting goals and creating plans to achieve them.

FAct!: A project funded by the EU within the Erasmus+ programme. It’s a participatory learning programme that empowers households to develop more sustainable food habits.

Clearly Sustainable: A series of engaging and educational podcasts exploring the use of English words, terms and phrases used in the language of sustainability.

E.ON Environmental Champions: We engaged hundreds of E.ON employee volunteers and school students across 4 countries, inspiring them to lead the charge in reducing their schools’ energy consumption.

If you’re interested in becoming a GAP International member or have a collaborative opportunity to share with the network please contact us at [email protected].